Thursday, October 29, 2009

Costume Night at Zumba!!!

Tonight we were supposed to come in costume to Zumba class. I attend a pretty tight knit class and we have a lot of fun together, it doesn't feel like working out at all! It's definitely a party! I have been thinking all week about what I could be and for cheap. Ahhhhhh! An 80's Aerobics Lady!! Perfect!!!

I went to Target and bought some super cute purple leggings and of course hairspray. I don't think I have purchased a can of hairspray in 15 or so years. I didn't even know where to look for it, but found a great deal on some Aussie Freeze It for $2.99. I was seriously thinking about getting a can of Aquanet, but the smell would be a bit overpowering, but the hold is amazing!! I have a pair of trunks (think the bottom half of a leotard) and a pink shirt that I did a whole lot of cutting and tying too. I have a pair of ballroom dancing shoes that I was going to wear but decided against since there is a heel and I didn't want to hurt myself right before our race!

Of course I was the first one to show up and lots of people at the Y were giving me the stink eye and then I thought "oh, crap! What if I am the only one??" Then a girl showed up in her pumpkin costume much to my delight! There weren't too many other that dressed up, I guess they didn't' get the memo!! Oh well, I had fun and looked fantastic!!


  1. Fun costume! I just stumbled across your blog. My mom and I have done marathons together too! Although we haven't done many long runs together lately, we enjoy supporting each other at our races. Best wishes!


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