Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Turn your iPod off and say HELLO!!!

My mom has been a runner for a long time, well before ipods became a popular item to run with. She never runs with music, she doesn't need to. She also gives a nice hello to every person she passes. Lately, we have noticed that most people we pass on our long runs are to into themselves and are listening to their MP3 players and don't even give a nod or a wave.

Ipods are a great tool for exercising they motivate a lot of people to get outside and to the gym and get moving. Along with this it has created much less communication with those around us. So, when you go on your next run, say a nice hello to everyone you see and take out those ear buds for one of your upcoming runs and enjoy the company and scenery!
Happy Running!


  1. I use mine when running alone, but I usually end up turing it off. and I NEVER use it when I run a race!

  2. I've noticed it's a regional thing not an Ipod thing. NO ONE ever waves in NY or NJ, but other runners, drivers, people outside in their yards, etc. will all wave and say hello in GA. It kinda weirded me out when we first moved here, lol.


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