Saturday, June 26, 2010

My New Workout Buddy

I have a new workout buddy and he's a lifesaver!

Lately, after my long bike rides and long runs I have been experiencing hives. The first time it happened I was running with my mom and started itching my legs like crazy. After we were done they went away pretty quickly. They came back again on a long bike ride. This time on my face and legs. Again, they went away pretty quickly. I wasn't too worried about it although I thought it was strange. But, my mom gets this on occasion as well.

My last long bike ride of 50 miles it happened again. I had hives on the back of my legs, arms, lips and chin. My face was incredibly blotchy. I started getting itchy while I was riding and then when I was done I was like an itch factory!

I put in an email to my doctor explaining what was happening. That it only happens after long runs and rides, never really has happened before, no new exotic foods, same detergent etc. She emailed me back pretty quickly saying it could be two things. 1. Exercise induced uticaria, which happens when one gets hot from exercise, showers, hot-tubs, weather etc. Usually you would see small hives, very itchy etc. or 2. Exercise induced anaphylaxis. Which causes hives and then anaphylactic shock; trouble breathing, headache, nausea etc. The two can be very difficult to tell apart. Here is an interesting article I found on EIA (Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis). So, my doctor prescribed me a daily dose of Claritin and an Epi-Pen to carry with me when I workout, just in case. Thankfully, I have only experienced hives and that will be it, but I am glad that she thought it was necessary for the epi-pen to be prescribed because who knows what will happen next time.
Sooooo, where do I carry this puppy when I am running and on my bike? It's huge! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're on the Board!!

My friend and I went to a small event at our local running shop to get a discount on race registration and with that a ticket for a raffle drawing. Back where we signed up for the race there is a big white board that lists people's races that are coming up. I asked how we get on the board and the owner came over and added our names and races, I feel so special!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Words of Wisdom from Dad

In honor of Father's day I impart upon you the wise words of my father.

"Did you have fun?" My dad would always say after a swimming a race, after dancing in a recital or just trying something new. I would always say an emphatic "YES!!!" Even today after I tell him about a race he will always ask if I had fun. His number one concern during all of those long swim meets and rehearsals and performances was that I was having fun! It wasn't whether I won or lost or just did OK, he wanted to make sure I still was enjoying all of those activities and if I wasn't maybe it was time to try something new or just take a break for awhile.

I still live by these words today. Why would I do something over and over again if I didn't have fun? Sometimes in the moment a workout or a race isn't fun (my first marathon wasn't fun) but usually afterwards I say "wow that wasn't so bad, I should do that again!"

Again, in honor of father's day ask yourself after a workout or a race if you had fun. If not time to reevaluate your workout or goals!

Thanks Dad and Happy Father's Day!

Happy Training!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Running Group and Sickness... Oh My!!!

On Friday I started getting a sore throat and I knew that a cold would soon be around the corner. My new running friend and I met at the track and did a small speed workout. She is pretty new to running so we kept it short. We did a one mile easy warm-up and 4 x400 each and then a mile cool down. We timed each other and I ended up doing my broken mile in 6:23!! I was really shocked! Granted I did get to rest between each 400 but to me that is really fast, even with a sore throat! We ended with a one mile easy cool down. It was a fun track workout especially with a buddy!

On Sunday my mom and I met up with a new running group. They just formed Memorial Day weekend. They were started by a new running store in my area, West Seattle Runner. On Sunday they offer a 3, 6 or 10 mile run. We were both set to run the 10 miles and I still was feeling not so great, but didn't have a full on cold yet. It was a beautiful day for running, warm and sunny! We started out really fast because it seemed like everyone there is faster than me (I guess that could be a good thing!). We weren't exactly sure where to go for the 10 mile route and someone accidentally pointed us to the 6 mile route. It was ok with me, I was not feeling good at all! I think 10 miles would have been way too much for me. It was really fun to run with a large group and I am definitely going back. On Wednesday the Mizuno bus is coming to hand out free goodies and size shoes plus the running group will be going on a three or six mile run. It should be a fun Wednesday for running!.

Monday I felt terrible. I really wanted to go to my Zumba class but I really needed a rest! I am feeling much better today and I am ready for a running workout.I have a new route planned. I have no idea how many miles it will be I just know there will be some steep hills involved.

Happy Training!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Girls on the Run Tea!

Last Saturday my mom and I hosted a small fundraiser tea for the Puget Sound Chapter of Girls on the Run ( Seattle) ( national). We had a small crowd of about 20 women and tons of yummy deserts and tea. When the event started everyone just kind of mingled and got to know each other. We invited the director of the chapter to come and speak about the program and answer any questions. She also had one of the coaches come to talk about what the curriculum is like and what they do on a weekly basis. It was great, many of the women there either didn't know about the organization or wanted to know more.

We just heard back from the director today and we raised $1800 for GOTR Puget Sound! Yay! Not bad for a small turnout. We are planning on doing the event next year and hopefully we will have a bigger turnout. The director was ecstatic about the money raised for GOTR!!

The director told a great story of one school that doesn't even have the girls families pay for attending the program. Most of the families live in low-income areas and can't afford to pay. New Balance is a sponsor and was generous enough to donate new pairs of shoes to all the girls at this particular site. The coach received a crash course in shoe fitting and was able to size the girls. She ordered them and handed them out to the girls. They were so happy to have new shoes they wouldn't even wear them home, they kept them at school so they could be kept clean and no one would take them. Here is a video of the "New Shoe Experience!"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today I Will...

Be going on a 50 mile bike ride. If I don't write it down, I won't do it. I will be updating later today with a re-cap of my solo LOOOOOOONG ride.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do you solo, coach, or group??

I wanted to go on a 60 mile bike ride today... it ended up being 37 miles. I was all alone, by the end I really needed a push because I was done pushing myself. I was hungry and it was getting late and I was just done. I think if I had my friends along the ride with me it would have been easily attainable. Strength in numbers right??

So as I was riding I was thinking of asking you guys how you train.
Are you lucky enough to have a personal coach?

Are you part of a club and are able to go on group rides, runs or swims?

Do you only train solo?

Do you train mostly solo but have group rides or runs on occasion?

What do you think works best for you?
If you are solo do you think you would get better if you trained with a group?
I know lots of questions but it would be interesting to see how everyone trains and how it works for them.

I was able to take a few pictures this afternoon on my ride. It was a beautiful Seattle day. NO RAIN!!!!! YAY! So I had to take some pictures of it!.

Races, Races, Races!!!

I love finding and signing up for new races. I signed up for three more races for the summer, and probably no more because my bank account is sure taking a beating, sometimes I wonder why it's so expensive? These entry fees I am sure leave out a whole section of people who would love to race but can't because of the cost :(

Summer Race Schedule:

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, June 6th. One of my dear, dear friends from middle school and high school was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, she was 27. So young! She is in remission and healthy thankfully! Last year I did the 5k and then met up with her to walk. I will be doing the same this year. It should be a fun event!

Subaru Women's Triathlon Series, July 11: This will be the third time I will do this sprint race. It's a great one! Great support, smaller than say a Danskin race. I really hope to PR in this again! This race benefits Ovarian Cancer research.

Chelanman Multisport Weekend, 70.3: This will be the big one! Not sure what I got myself into with this! I know I will finish, just not sure how or when! I've been working hard but probably should be working harder, I have a little over a month left to train. It's really scaring me!

Lake Stevens Olympic Triathlon, September 11: My cousin told me about this race and I thought why not? He said he was interested in doing the sprint, it would be his first! Hopefully he will sign up, it would be fun to have him there!

That's all for now unless I miraculously make more money or there is a fantastic race I can't live without doing!

Happy Training and Racing!

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