Saturday, June 26, 2010

My New Workout Buddy

I have a new workout buddy and he's a lifesaver!

Lately, after my long bike rides and long runs I have been experiencing hives. The first time it happened I was running with my mom and started itching my legs like crazy. After we were done they went away pretty quickly. They came back again on a long bike ride. This time on my face and legs. Again, they went away pretty quickly. I wasn't too worried about it although I thought it was strange. But, my mom gets this on occasion as well.

My last long bike ride of 50 miles it happened again. I had hives on the back of my legs, arms, lips and chin. My face was incredibly blotchy. I started getting itchy while I was riding and then when I was done I was like an itch factory!

I put in an email to my doctor explaining what was happening. That it only happens after long runs and rides, never really has happened before, no new exotic foods, same detergent etc. She emailed me back pretty quickly saying it could be two things. 1. Exercise induced uticaria, which happens when one gets hot from exercise, showers, hot-tubs, weather etc. Usually you would see small hives, very itchy etc. or 2. Exercise induced anaphylaxis. Which causes hives and then anaphylactic shock; trouble breathing, headache, nausea etc. The two can be very difficult to tell apart. Here is an interesting article I found on EIA (Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis). So, my doctor prescribed me a daily dose of Claritin and an Epi-Pen to carry with me when I workout, just in case. Thankfully, I have only experienced hives and that will be it, but I am glad that she thought it was necessary for the epi-pen to be prescribed because who knows what will happen next time.
Sooooo, where do I carry this puppy when I am running and on my bike? It's huge! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. When running you can get a case( and attach it to a fuel belt and on rides you could tape it to your frame.


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