Thursday, June 3, 2010

Races, Races, Races!!!

I love finding and signing up for new races. I signed up for three more races for the summer, and probably no more because my bank account is sure taking a beating, sometimes I wonder why it's so expensive? These entry fees I am sure leave out a whole section of people who would love to race but can't because of the cost :(

Summer Race Schedule:

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, June 6th. One of my dear, dear friends from middle school and high school was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, she was 27. So young! She is in remission and healthy thankfully! Last year I did the 5k and then met up with her to walk. I will be doing the same this year. It should be a fun event!

Subaru Women's Triathlon Series, July 11: This will be the third time I will do this sprint race. It's a great one! Great support, smaller than say a Danskin race. I really hope to PR in this again! This race benefits Ovarian Cancer research.

Chelanman Multisport Weekend, 70.3: This will be the big one! Not sure what I got myself into with this! I know I will finish, just not sure how or when! I've been working hard but probably should be working harder, I have a little over a month left to train. It's really scaring me!

Lake Stevens Olympic Triathlon, September 11: My cousin told me about this race and I thought why not? He said he was interested in doing the sprint, it would be his first! Hopefully he will sign up, it would be fun to have him there!

That's all for now unless I miraculously make more money or there is a fantastic race I can't live without doing!

Happy Training and Racing!

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  1. I love signing up for races (I wish my bank account did too). GOOD LUCK at ChelanMan! You'll do awesome


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