Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bike Trainer

I'm totally bored, so I thought I would post pictures of my bike trainer set-up in my basement. I had many intentions today to ride for an hour but alas, it 6pm, dinner is cooking and it might not happen. So enjoy my lame pictures!
This isn't my new bike, still waiting for me at the shop for a fitting!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My New Bike WILL Make Me go Faster!

I have been wanting a new bike for awhile. I have been looking and looking and found a great deal at a new bike shop that opened up down the street from me. After calling around to other local shops I decided to go with them. I now have a Specialized Transition Elite. It's an entry level tri bike, nothing over the top, but will be a huge difference in comfort and speed compared to my old bike. This is also a great bike to upgrade as far as components go. I can even rent carbon wheels for any race that I want this summer if I choose.

I am so excited. I have a bike fit in the next few days and then I can take her home and use the trainer until the weather is nicer and is lighter out later in the day. Now I need to sign up for some races!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello? PE Job Are you There?

I have been subbing in a wonderful job the past three weeks. I get to teach swimming awesome is that? And get to teach kids how to be healthy and fit... even better. I interviewed on Monday and have been waiting nervously for two days. People keep saying to not worry, but I have to, I've been let down too many times. I'll worry until someone says I have it or I don't. I am keeping all of my crossables crossed and hoping for the best but possibly expecting the worse. I hope they call me today!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Girls on the Run Fundraiser Meeting

Today, my mom and I met with the local director of Girls on the Run. We have set the date for our fundraiser brunch, for March 21. 100% of the money raised will go directly to the program. If you have never heard about this program it is amazing!! They help girls ages 8-13 run a 5k as well as learn about healthy self-esteem, values, etc. This past year is the biggest year for the Seattle chapter of Girls on the Run. They went from 150 participants to 400! They are in need of money to help keep the program up and running. The program has sponsorships through New Balance and Nuun, so we are trying to get them on board with donating shoes and sport drinks. We are so excited to take on this project! See if there is a local chapter in your area and volunteer to become a coach! It's a great way to mentor a young girl!
Happy Running!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mercer Island Half Marathon

This will be our next race. We haven't signed up yet but started training for the race which will be at the end of March. I feel FANTASTIC!!! Yesterday, my mom, husband and I ran for 70 minutes. Which is a very long time for the hubs. He usually lasts about 20 minutes on the treadmill. He was a little sore when he finished.

The last part of our run we sprinted back to the car and I actually beat my mom and husband! I looked at my HRM and realized that I could go much faster than I was, my heart rate wasn't even at 190, which is where it should be for sprints! Does this mean I have a PR lurking around the corner? I certainly hope so.

Tonight a Zumba class awaits me and maybe I'll get on the 'mill for a quick three miler.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolution Run and Polar Bear Dip!!! Race Review

We had so much fun this morning! The race started at 10:30am, which usually I would complain about such a late start, but this morning I didn't mind at all. I woke up at 6:45, which meant I had plenty of time for breakfast and coffee. I looked outside to check the weather: downpour and lots of wind, but not too cold. (pic to the left is post-dip)

My husband and I met my mom at the race. It started late because so many people showed up for day of registration, hopefully next year they won't have "day of registration". So, we ended up waiting around for about 45 minutes. Bless my husband's soul for waiting around and getting soaked!

The race finally started and it was a very narrow course with tons of mud and puddles. My mom and I ran together, we weren't worried about going fast, just having fun and enjoying the race. We were trying really hard not to get our shoes wet, which ended up being really funny, because we were jumping into a lake at the end of the race anyway. We had a good laugh about that at the end of the race.

After traipsing through the muddy muck we finally made it to the lake. It was a crisp 42 degrees in the water. It was warmer outside than in the lake. We ran in laughing and holding hands. We were told we had to dunk our heads or we would get disqualified, and we stopped and looked at each other like there is no way we are doing this, but we did! It actually felt so good after the race to jump in the water. Then we ran to the finish line, laughing the whole way! It was such fun race, we are going to recruit people to do it with us next year!
Our time was about 31 minutes, which included the dip in which we stopped to contemplate whether or not to put our heads in ;)!
We placed third (even with our slow times!) overall in the female team division! Go Team Whimsy!!

A quick video of us dipping. We are in the pink and blue.
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