Friday, September 3, 2010

First Grade Here I Come!! Exercise, Where Will You Go?

Fabulous news! I just got a job Tuesday afternoon as a first grade teacher. I'm excited, nervous and looking forward to starting the year. But wow! I have a disaster of a room to organize and plan for the little ones to be successful and it is taking me a long time and it only feels like I have only made a tiny dent in my work.

Needless to say I haven't worked out since last Sunday. I ran 8 miles in preparation for my half marathon on Labor Day (which is also my 33rd birthday!) and that is all the running I've done. I guess it looks like I'll keep my record streak of half marathon times getting worse instead of getting better ;)

I worry that a lot of my exercise this summer will go by the wayside because of work. I need a plan to keep me in tip-top shape while being the best I can be at school . I know one teacher is a swimmer and we have talked about going once a week to the pool down the street to a master's workout. That's good. School is also by a great running trail. While I think running at lunch will be impossible, it's something I can do after work and then return to work if I need to.

Really though, it's too much to think about! Oh yeah, I also have one more tri of the season, an Olympic distance. And I haven't been on my bike in weeks. It will be fun... real fun! Wish me well blogger peeps!

I know some of you are teachers, how do you fit it in exercise in your schedule?
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