Thursday, October 29, 2009

Costume Night at Zumba!!!

Tonight we were supposed to come in costume to Zumba class. I attend a pretty tight knit class and we have a lot of fun together, it doesn't feel like working out at all! It's definitely a party! I have been thinking all week about what I could be and for cheap. Ahhhhhh! An 80's Aerobics Lady!! Perfect!!!

I went to Target and bought some super cute purple leggings and of course hairspray. I don't think I have purchased a can of hairspray in 15 or so years. I didn't even know where to look for it, but found a great deal on some Aussie Freeze It for $2.99. I was seriously thinking about getting a can of Aquanet, but the smell would be a bit overpowering, but the hold is amazing!! I have a pair of trunks (think the bottom half of a leotard) and a pink shirt that I did a whole lot of cutting and tying too. I have a pair of ballroom dancing shoes that I was going to wear but decided against since there is a heel and I didn't want to hurt myself right before our race!

Of course I was the first one to show up and lots of people at the Y were giving me the stink eye and then I thought "oh, crap! What if I am the only one??" Then a girl showed up in her pumpkin costume much to my delight! There weren't too many other that dressed up, I guess they didn't' get the memo!! Oh well, I had fun and looked fantastic!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Girlfriends Half Marathon and Other Running Related Updates

On October 18 my two wonderful friends and I drove down to Vancouver, Washington to run and walk in the Girlfriend's half marathon. This is one of my favorite races for three reasons. 1. It's an all women's race and it benefits breast cancer research 2. At the end of the race you can get a massage, get stretched, eat chocolate and see some gorgeous firefighters 3. you get some nice swag!

My two girlfriends had never done a half marathon before and one of them had never done a single race before. We were all very excited to be there, we had a ton of fun and can't wait for next year. My friend even said that she would be running next year. We are already in pre-planning stages for an appearance at the Seattle Rock N Roll half/full marathon.
As far as time goes for my 4th half marathon (WOW! 4 already I would have never thought I could do that even a year ago!!) it was not my fastest at all. I was nearing the end of a cold and was up all night coughing and didn't feel 100% on race day. Oh well! I loved being with my girlfriends!!
And in other marathon training news: After ignoring a painful and popping hip for a very long time I finally went to the doctor. I also asked about my painful and popping shoulder (from swimming). Doctor diagnosed my hip problem as a very tight IT band which is causing what is called "Snapping hip syndrome". Need to do lots of stretching and go to physical therapy. I can still run though. As for my shoulder, rotator cuff tendinitis. Need to do strength training and physical therapy. I can swim as long as there is no pain, once there is pain I need to get out.
Mom and I have one more long run to hammer through and then we are almost to marathon time. I really can't wait to get this over with!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Turn your iPod off and say HELLO!!!

My mom has been a runner for a long time, well before ipods became a popular item to run with. She never runs with music, she doesn't need to. She also gives a nice hello to every person she passes. Lately, we have noticed that most people we pass on our long runs are to into themselves and are listening to their MP3 players and don't even give a nod or a wave.

Ipods are a great tool for exercising they motivate a lot of people to get outside and to the gym and get moving. Along with this it has created much less communication with those around us. So, when you go on your next run, say a nice hello to everyone you see and take out those ear buds for one of your upcoming runs and enjoy the company and scenery!
Happy Running!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Three Marathon Goals

I was doing some reading about first time marathoners and came across some good advice about goal setting. Yes, we all want to finish and that is a fine goal but we can do better. Set three goals. The first goal should be something attainable, the second goal should be attainable but more of a challenge to reach and the third goal should be somewhat lofty. Here are my three first time marathon goals:

1. Finish in under 5 hours
2. Finish at 4:30
3. Sub 4 hour marathon

What are your three goals for your first race, marathon or otherwise?

Happy Running!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gut Checks!

Yesterday I made it up to swim with an old high school friend and her girls' swim team that she coaches. It was so fun, she even swam too! I didn't quite reach my goal of swimming those 100s on 1:15 but I did finish 22 100s, which was a lot more than some of those high school girls did! Go me!! When I couldn't make the last send off, I moved over a lane and finished up the set doing 10 more 75s.

I so want to get a t-shirt made for our marathon that says "I would rather be swimming 26.2 miles!!"

Happy Running and SWIMMING!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Swimming tonight!!

I was invited by a friend from high school to swim with her team this afternoon. It's going to be fun and interesting. She coaches a high school girls team and they are doing something called "Gut Checks" today. The last time I did this WAS in high school. Keep in mind I have been out of the water a good solid month so I can focus on marathon training, but I could not pass up this opportunity. Some would call me crazy, some would call it awesome, I say both!!

Here is how "Gut Checks" works:

5x100s free on 1:45

5x100s free on 1:40

5x100s free on 1:35

5x100s free on 1:30

and on and on until you can no longer make the send off. In high school I could get down to 1:00, tonight my goal is to at least do a few 100's on the 1:10, not sure if I can make the 1:05s, we'll see.

Training: yesterday did a nice 5 mile run with hills, swimming tonight, easy short run on Saturday, long run with mom on Sunday.

Monday, October 5, 2009

19 mile day

My daughter was such an encouragement yesterday on our 19 mile run. We had a beautiful run along the sound with the mountains in the background. - sunny--gorgeous. At the 15 mile mark we were both starving. She made some chocolate chip cookies and all I could think about was biting into one. Note to self. (eat more food before you leave 3 egg whites, a bagel and piece of cheese isn't enough). Today recovering, but looking forward to next Sunday's long run.

Mom and Daughter 19 miler yesterday!

My mom was able to come down to my house yesterday for a nice 19 mile run. My mom is a pretty fast lady but I urged her to go slow so we could make the whole way which she did. We were prepared with our gels, and our Nuun and went out the door. It was a beautiful fall day, slight breeze and tons of sun! Oh and I also had on brand new never been worn shoes. Note to self: Do NOT wear new shoes on a 19 mile run!

We did really well and had a nice steady pace, made it to the turn around, all the while my foot was aching, but seemed to ache more the further we went. I had to stop a few times and adjust the laces and that didn't help much.

Around mile 16 or so my mom wasn't doing too hot. She was really hungry, as was I. I have done a previous 18 mile run on Monday, I wouldn't say I was used to the distance but I knew to take it slow. She basically pooped out, which I have NEVER seen before. We have decided we must eat a bigger breakfast and eat better the day before and possibly try some chews every 20-30 minutes. Of course after our LONG run we went out to Starbuck's for some coffee and breakfast.

My mom also mentioned that she will not be signing up for a marathon, she says it's too much training. We'll see if this still holds true after she finishes Seattle.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Team Whimsy Succumbs to Minor Injury

A few days ago I posted that I had fallen on one of my runs and was just fine. Well, my dear mother was out on her long run and tripped over something and hurt her foot. Thankfully it wasn't very bad, but hurt enough to take some time off running and working out altogether. This coming Sunday we should be able to run together for the first time in over a month! I am really excited to run, hopefully there will be no falls involved on our next run!

We have a little over two months left for our training before the big day. I think I am a little ahead of myself with my long runs. I am already at 18 miles and I know according to some plans out there you only have one long run of 20 miles, but I think I am going to try for a 22 or 23 mile run before the race, because I am doing the Team Whimsy Training plan and I can!!

Happy Running!
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