Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gut Checks!

Yesterday I made it up to swim with an old high school friend and her girls' swim team that she coaches. It was so fun, she even swam too! I didn't quite reach my goal of swimming those 100s on 1:15 but I did finish 22 100s, which was a lot more than some of those high school girls did! Go me!! When I couldn't make the last send off, I moved over a lane and finished up the set doing 10 more 75s.

I so want to get a t-shirt made for our marathon that says "I would rather be swimming 26.2 miles!!"

Happy Running and SWIMMING!!!


  1. I'm impressed! I wish I could swim half as good as you. Even better for your overall health than running.

  2. I love the shirt idea. You should wear it for the marathon!!


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