Friday, October 9, 2009

Swimming tonight!!

I was invited by a friend from high school to swim with her team this afternoon. It's going to be fun and interesting. She coaches a high school girls team and they are doing something called "Gut Checks" today. The last time I did this WAS in high school. Keep in mind I have been out of the water a good solid month so I can focus on marathon training, but I could not pass up this opportunity. Some would call me crazy, some would call it awesome, I say both!!

Here is how "Gut Checks" works:

5x100s free on 1:45

5x100s free on 1:40

5x100s free on 1:35

5x100s free on 1:30

and on and on until you can no longer make the send off. In high school I could get down to 1:00, tonight my goal is to at least do a few 100's on the 1:10, not sure if I can make the 1:05s, we'll see.

Training: yesterday did a nice 5 mile run with hills, swimming tonight, easy short run on Saturday, long run with mom on Sunday.

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