Monday, October 12, 2009

Three Marathon Goals

I was doing some reading about first time marathoners and came across some good advice about goal setting. Yes, we all want to finish and that is a fine goal but we can do better. Set three goals. The first goal should be something attainable, the second goal should be attainable but more of a challenge to reach and the third goal should be somewhat lofty. Here are my three first time marathon goals:

1. Finish in under 5 hours
2. Finish at 4:30
3. Sub 4 hour marathon

What are your three goals for your first race, marathon or otherwise?

Happy Running!


  1. 1. Beat my past 10k time.
    2. Run a Sub 2 hour half marathon.
    3. Run a 4:30 marathon and feel strong.

  2. I had those same goals for my first marathon and was only to meet goal #1 (but I finally met goal #3 with my third marathon!)
    For my next marathon, whenever that may be, I can only think of two goals
    1. New PR (3:46)
    2. BQ (3:40)
    I guess we'll see if/when that happens!

  3. 1. finish strong and injury free!
    2. finish in 4 hours
    3. finish in under 4 hours

  4. I'm doing a 5K this weekend:

    1. Run the whole thing
    2. Finish in under 45 minutes
    3. Finish in under 40 minutes.

    Yeah, I am pretty darn slow.

  5. I used this approach when setting goals for three of my races this fall. So far it has been really helpful so I think it's a great tip!


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