Monday, October 5, 2009

Mom and Daughter 19 miler yesterday!

My mom was able to come down to my house yesterday for a nice 19 mile run. My mom is a pretty fast lady but I urged her to go slow so we could make the whole way which she did. We were prepared with our gels, and our Nuun and went out the door. It was a beautiful fall day, slight breeze and tons of sun! Oh and I also had on brand new never been worn shoes. Note to self: Do NOT wear new shoes on a 19 mile run!

We did really well and had a nice steady pace, made it to the turn around, all the while my foot was aching, but seemed to ache more the further we went. I had to stop a few times and adjust the laces and that didn't help much.

Around mile 16 or so my mom wasn't doing too hot. She was really hungry, as was I. I have done a previous 18 mile run on Monday, I wouldn't say I was used to the distance but I knew to take it slow. She basically pooped out, which I have NEVER seen before. We have decided we must eat a bigger breakfast and eat better the day before and possibly try some chews every 20-30 minutes. Of course after our LONG run we went out to Starbuck's for some coffee and breakfast.

My mom also mentioned that she will not be signing up for a marathon, she says it's too much training. We'll see if this still holds true after she finishes Seattle.

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  1. I always get hungry at the end of my long runs, too.


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