Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Girlfriends Half Marathon and Other Running Related Updates

On October 18 my two wonderful friends and I drove down to Vancouver, Washington to run and walk in the Girlfriend's half marathon. This is one of my favorite races for three reasons. 1. It's an all women's race and it benefits breast cancer research 2. At the end of the race you can get a massage, get stretched, eat chocolate and see some gorgeous firefighters 3. you get some nice swag!

My two girlfriends had never done a half marathon before and one of them had never done a single race before. We were all very excited to be there, we had a ton of fun and can't wait for next year. My friend even said that she would be running next year. We are already in pre-planning stages for an appearance at the Seattle Rock N Roll half/full marathon.
As far as time goes for my 4th half marathon (WOW! 4 already I would have never thought I could do that even a year ago!!) it was not my fastest at all. I was nearing the end of a cold and was up all night coughing and didn't feel 100% on race day. Oh well! I loved being with my girlfriends!!
And in other marathon training news: After ignoring a painful and popping hip for a very long time I finally went to the doctor. I also asked about my painful and popping shoulder (from swimming). Doctor diagnosed my hip problem as a very tight IT band which is causing what is called "Snapping hip syndrome". Need to do lots of stretching and go to physical therapy. I can still run though. As for my shoulder, rotator cuff tendinitis. Need to do strength training and physical therapy. I can swim as long as there is no pain, once there is pain I need to get out.
Mom and I have one more long run to hammer through and then we are almost to marathon time. I really can't wait to get this over with!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun race!

    I hope your hip heals up soon.


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