Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Weather= No Bike

My plan yesterday was to ride my bike for 75 minutes. It was just crappy out; rain, wind, cold and everything in between. I decided to nix the bike workout for a swim and a treadmill run. Here is what I did:

200 SKPS (200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim)

400 IM Drill

4x100s (des. 1-4 on 1:30)
4x100s IM (des. 1-4 on 1:40)

300 Kick

3x200s pull

200 warm down

Took a quick dip in the hot tub and got dressed for my run on the treadmill. 40 minute run that included hills, and sprints. Walking cool-down.

Much better than freezing for 75 minutes on my bike. Today the sun is shining but it's still cold, I think I just may ride the trainer tonight unless it warms up considerably!

Happy Running and Training!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things that can't be Safe: Part Deaux

Riding your bike and talking on your cell phone, without a helmet.

Feel free to add your own "Things that can't be Safe" cycling or otherwise!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things that can't be Safe

I went on a 2 hour bike ride today and noticed two things that can't be safe:

1. Tethering yourself to your giant dog while running. Now, I am sure this person made it home just fine and dandy. But what if the dog got spooked and took off? Do I need to explain anymore?

2. Tethering yourself to your giant dog, whilst riding a bike with your baby attached to the seat behind you. Again, I am sure all three of them made it home safe and sound... but again I ask, what if the dog got spooked? Do I need to explain anymore?

People, don't tether your giant dog to anything!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swimming Tip of the Week

I've been thinking about something to add to my blog every week and since I LOVE me some swimming I thought I would give a swimming tip a week. I was thinking about drills, etitquette, open water swimming, gear, workouts etc.

Introducing your first swim tip for the week and it's a biggie!

Lap Swimming Etiquette
You enter the pool area and you are overwhelmed by a myriad of swimmers filling each lane and you think to yourself, "Where should I go?"

1. Most lap swim times will have designated lanes: slow, medium, fast, very fast and possibly a lane for a masters group. If you are unsure of your speed take some time to look at each lane to see how people are swimming. I often think of myself as a fast swimmer, but when I scan the lanes there might be some faster swimmers in the fast lane and I should not be there. Time to pick a new lane.

2. Once you have decided your lane, wait until there is an opening or a space for you to slide into. Please make sure you start right away and don't hang out on the wall too long. Have your cap and goggles ready to go, especially if the lane is crowded, no one likes a wall-sitter!

3. Please circle swim to the right of the lane if there are more than two swimmers in a lane. If there is just you and another swimmer, politely ask them if you could split the lane (one swimmer on the right of the lane and one swimmer on the left). Once someone joins you or you are joining lane splitters please let both of them know you will be joining them. No one likes to be surprised when they see someone swimming head-on directly towards them.

3. If you are consistently passing slower swimmers in your lane you need to move to a faster lane. No one likes to be passed all of the time. Same goes if you are being passed many times... time to suck it up  move to a slower lane.

4. Have you noticed the big black + on the wall? Please don't stand in front of it. That is where swimmers turn. If you have made a swimmer mad, they will flip-turn on top of you. Please be aware of other swimmers around you.

5. Please don't start swimming when you know a fellow swimmer is about to do a flip-turn or open turn at the wall, you will get in their way.

6. What if you need to pass someone who is kicking or doing drill work or just plain going slow? Tap them on the feet to let them know you are there. They should move to the right and you pass in the middle, or you can wait to the wall to pass them.

7. If you notice someone in your lane is trying to do a workout and using the pace clock, try to stay out of their way. Or if don't know just politely ask, "Are you using the pace clock?" If they are just let them go first when their rest time is up. Or they may just tell you to go if their rest is longer.

8. If all else fails and you find yourself following the rules and your fellow swimmers aren't, have a little chat with the lifeguards about your concerns, they'll almost happily want to help you out!!

9. Now go have fun!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Bike Ride

Today being Spring, a Saturday and warm, it was time for a bike ride. I posted on my facebook about anyone knowing of any routes that were safe to ride for someone not used to aerobars. My friend commented back that her and some of her friends were going on a 25 mile ride on a popular Seattle trail. Much better to go with a group than by yourself. To top it all off it would be the first ride for all of us on our new bikes! It was awesome!

I would say that this ride was more of a leisure ride than a training ride because half of Seattle must have been on that trail this morning and it was busy. Not only did we have a good idea to ride our bikes but so did everyone else. I was able to use my aerobars a few times, I was scared at first but after awhile it felt just fine, it's just that there were way too many people out and about to use them for the whole ride.

At first we were going to do a 25 mile ride but decided to tack on the extra 5 miles to make it an even 30. I LOVE my new bike, it's sooooo speedy and soooooo light. I was easily going 20 mph just without trying or putting a ton of effort into it. With my old bike I could barely hold on 17mph and was much more comfortable at 16mph. It was a tad bit cold this morning. I wish I would have brought some gloves, my hands and fingers were so numb by the time we were done! Can't wait to do it again!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bondi Band Review

I just ordered three headbands from a company called Bondi Band ( ). I often see them at race expos, look at them and think how cute they are and walk on. I looked up the company and decided to order three of them. If you order three (at least for now) you can get a free gift, I chose the water bottle.

The bands came in the mail today. I bought the wicking bands with quotes on them. One band says "Slow... It's the New Fast", Tri: Swim, Bike, Run and I Run Like a Girl. I tried one out today for my Zumba class. I used it to hold my bangs back instead of using a clip and to catch all of the sweat. It stayed in place, I didn't have to futz with it, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do.  I am sure it would do just fine for running as well. I think it's a great head band for working out in. Buy one NOW!!!

Post Zumba workout.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Swimming Gear... Finally!

After five years of swimming in the same old ugly polyester swim suit I finally broke down and bought a new one. On sale of course!! At first I thought I would dabble in the size 28s. Ummm I could get them on but my booty sure was hanging out the back. I thought I should get a little real with myself and try a 32. Ahhhhhhhhh, much better coverage and I could actually move in it!

I also broke down and bought some fins.  I usually just borrow the pool ones, if the pool I am at even has them. I settled on the cheaper of the training fins from TYR. The Zoomers were about $8 more and I am always about getting a better deal.

And last but not least my Swedish goggles have been sans a strap for a very long time. Which really makes them quite useless. Instead of buying a whole new pair of Swedes, I bought a new strap and nose piece. Yay for an awesome swim shop!!!

Saturday: 5 mile run with hills and my lovely mom!
Sunday: Supposed to do a 120 minute ride on the bike. Very busy day tomorrow I may have to break it up into one hour chunks.
Monday: Zumba and Spin

Happy Running and Training!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello Stairs!!!

Hello Stairs!! I have a wonderful stair climb in my neigborhood, 234 stairs. This picture shows about 75% of them. I was finally able to get out today and do a 4 mile run that included climbing the stairs two times. I forgot how hard it was. The stairs shown here are very, very steep. The stairs before are steep, but the are shorter which makes it easier to run up. I also added in some hills. I have to say I had a nice run tonight. Running is usually my least favorite thing to do, so it's nice to like it once and awhile!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I Like to Ride my Bicycle

Yesterday I was going to take a rest day, really I really was. I ended up getting a little bored. Our house was clean, our laundry was caught up and why not? Why not hop on the bike for 30 minutes, just to get my legs moving. That 30 minutes turned into 90. I did a mish-mosh of hills, steady-state riding, sprint intervals and just spinning. Surprisingly it went by very quickly. My husband kept me company while he caught up with his grading. He also decided that he should get the camera and take some pictures. So here they are:

Training this week:
Monday: Zumba, 30 minute spin class
Tuesday: 60 minutes on the trainer
Wednesday: 45 minute swim, 45 minute run
Thursday: 105 minute ride
Friday: 45 minute swim, 45 minute run
Saturday: 60 minute run
Sunday: ??

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do you call yourself an athlete??

I was at Barnes and Noble today and was skimming Sally Edwards' book "Triathlons for Women". I came across some interesting things. One, about women who do triathlons and don't call themselves a triathlete. Women often feel that they need to compare themselves to uber triathlete women who are at the top of their game, are fit, and do the sport so beautifully that they can't compare. Edwards' goes on to say that even if you have done one sprint triathlon you ARE a triathlete. I would like to agree with her. But it's hard. I have done many, many races and some of them I did really well, but I still have a hard time calling myself a triathlete. Same with the marathon. I've only done one, but I have hard time calling myself a "marathoner".  Anyone else have trouble calling themselves an athlete of any type?

As far as training goes I would like to congratulate myself on two weeks of some awesome training. I did have to modify some days because of my schedule, but ultimately I feel like I have accomplished something! I have about three more weeks of base building to finish and then the real workouts start. I still have not taken my new bike outside yet. I had the perfect opportunity yesterday to do that, but I am afraid of my aerobars! I don't want to fall with my new bike. I am hoping to take a class soon at bike shop I bought the bike at.

My training plan. I flip-flopped my weekend workouts. I am supposed to ride my bike today for 90 minutes. I was going to take a day off today, but I really want to get my time in today!!

The bad news... something is up with my knee. I noticed it after my marathon was over that I had this lump on the right outer side of my knee and it just never went away. It's not really painful, although sometimes it is. The lump is not getting smaller, but may have acutally been getting bigger. I went to my primary doctor about two weeks ago. She seemed to think it was fluid, but she wasn't entirely sure. So in a week I have an appointment with the sports medicine doctor. Here is a picture, but you may not be able to tell.

And the best news of all??? I bought two new Nike Dri Fit sports bras!! I was at the gym the other day running on the treadmill that happens to be in front of a mirror. I was looking at the girls and noticing how much they were flopping around and it was just not right. I am not large chested by any means, it just meant that the cheapo sports bras from Target don't do anything for support while running. I can't wait to try them out this week!!

Happy running and training!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Starting Month Three of Accutane

Just had my appointment today with my dermatologist. He is very pleased with the results so far. As am I. It's still a royal pain to go to the lab every month to get a blood and pregnancy test, but I understand why they ask accutane patients to do this.

It's interesting, much of what I have read, mostly on the internet (so it's not hard scientific data, just anectdotal) says that many, many people suffer some annoying to bad side effects. I was certain that I would fall into that category. The only side effects so far is very dry lips, dry nose, and some achy muscles. Nothing bad at all. I have read some stories that people wake up with blood everywhere from nosebleeds. Thankfully, I do not have this problem!!!

I also asked the doctor about scar treatments after my final dose of accutane. He said my skin will change much more three months from now and I may not need anything at all! That brought a smile to my face for sure. If I do need any treatment for scars after accutane, he will talk to me about my options. For now we wait and see.

Triathlon training:
Sunday: Swam only 15 minutes. Note to self: check schedule for water aerobics class taking up entire pool! ;)  Treadmill workout: hills and intervals, 40 minutes.

Monday: My fun day!! Zumba (one hour), spin class (30 mintues) , easy swim (30-45 minutes).

Calorie Counting: Is making me anal. I have been tracking 95% of what goes into my body. I went out to brunch yesterday and ordered a 3 egg white veggie omelette sans cheese. I ate only about 1/2 a cup of hashbrowns and gave the rest to my husband. This would not have happened if I didn't have my "Lose It" program on my iPhone!  It was still yummy after taking away all the good stuff!! I haven't weighed myself yet, I think I might give it another week or two before I get on the scale.

Happy Running and Training!
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