Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things that can't be Safe

I went on a 2 hour bike ride today and noticed two things that can't be safe:

1. Tethering yourself to your giant dog while running. Now, I am sure this person made it home just fine and dandy. But what if the dog got spooked and took off? Do I need to explain anymore?

2. Tethering yourself to your giant dog, whilst riding a bike with your baby attached to the seat behind you. Again, I am sure all three of them made it home safe and sound... but again I ask, what if the dog got spooked? Do I need to explain anymore?

People, don't tether your giant dog to anything!!


  1. I REALLY want to take our "puppy" out with the bike, but I'm so afraid of that. Not so much getting spooked, but seeing squirrles, or a leaf...

  2. Agreed.

    Also not safe... having a dog run unleashed on either side of your bike while on a popular crowded trail.

    How was the rest of your ride?

  3. I will admit to running with my dog occasionally, but she's only 40 lbs and therefore not huge-if she even thinks about getting distracted by something, I remind her what we're there to do. However, if she was a pain in the butt about it, there would be no running for her.

    However, the second one just scares me. person+dog+bike is scary enough, let alone with a baby thrown in the mix!

  4. Oh dear... if you are not going to at least take care of yourself, at least keep the baby out of harm's way! Some people amaze me, and I mean that in the nicest way. :)


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