Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Swimming Gear... Finally!

After five years of swimming in the same old ugly polyester swim suit I finally broke down and bought a new one. On sale of course!! At first I thought I would dabble in the size 28s. Ummm I could get them on but my booty sure was hanging out the back. I thought I should get a little real with myself and try a 32. Ahhhhhhhhh, much better coverage and I could actually move in it!

I also broke down and bought some fins.  I usually just borrow the pool ones, if the pool I am at even has them. I settled on the cheaper of the training fins from TYR. The Zoomers were about $8 more and I am always about getting a better deal.

And last but not least my Swedish goggles have been sans a strap for a very long time. Which really makes them quite useless. Instead of buying a whole new pair of Swedes, I bought a new strap and nose piece. Yay for an awesome swim shop!!!

Saturday: 5 mile run with hills and my lovely mom!
Sunday: Supposed to do a 120 minute ride on the bike. Very busy day tomorrow I may have to break it up into one hour chunks.
Monday: Zumba and Spin

Happy Running and Training!!

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  1. Only because you like sweedish googles, I'll comment. I need straps like every few months because I leave mine in the hot Florida sun and they get all sticky and crack and break. I just bought new sweeds this week! yeah.


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