Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Bike Ride

Today being Spring, a Saturday and warm, it was time for a bike ride. I posted on my facebook about anyone knowing of any routes that were safe to ride for someone not used to aerobars. My friend commented back that her and some of her friends were going on a 25 mile ride on a popular Seattle trail. Much better to go with a group than by yourself. To top it all off it would be the first ride for all of us on our new bikes! It was awesome!

I would say that this ride was more of a leisure ride than a training ride because half of Seattle must have been on that trail this morning and it was busy. Not only did we have a good idea to ride our bikes but so did everyone else. I was able to use my aerobars a few times, I was scared at first but after awhile it felt just fine, it's just that there were way too many people out and about to use them for the whole ride.

At first we were going to do a 25 mile ride but decided to tack on the extra 5 miles to make it an even 30. I LOVE my new bike, it's sooooo speedy and soooooo light. I was easily going 20 mph just without trying or putting a ton of effort into it. With my old bike I could barely hold on 17mph and was much more comfortable at 16mph. It was a tad bit cold this morning. I wish I would have brought some gloves, my hands and fingers were so numb by the time we were done! Can't wait to do it again!

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