Monday, March 1, 2010

Starting Month Three of Accutane

Just had my appointment today with my dermatologist. He is very pleased with the results so far. As am I. It's still a royal pain to go to the lab every month to get a blood and pregnancy test, but I understand why they ask accutane patients to do this.

It's interesting, much of what I have read, mostly on the internet (so it's not hard scientific data, just anectdotal) says that many, many people suffer some annoying to bad side effects. I was certain that I would fall into that category. The only side effects so far is very dry lips, dry nose, and some achy muscles. Nothing bad at all. I have read some stories that people wake up with blood everywhere from nosebleeds. Thankfully, I do not have this problem!!!

I also asked the doctor about scar treatments after my final dose of accutane. He said my skin will change much more three months from now and I may not need anything at all! That brought a smile to my face for sure. If I do need any treatment for scars after accutane, he will talk to me about my options. For now we wait and see.

Triathlon training:
Sunday: Swam only 15 minutes. Note to self: check schedule for water aerobics class taking up entire pool! ;)  Treadmill workout: hills and intervals, 40 minutes.

Monday: My fun day!! Zumba (one hour), spin class (30 mintues) , easy swim (30-45 minutes).

Calorie Counting: Is making me anal. I have been tracking 95% of what goes into my body. I went out to brunch yesterday and ordered a 3 egg white veggie omelette sans cheese. I ate only about 1/2 a cup of hashbrowns and gave the rest to my husband. This would not have happened if I didn't have my "Lose It" program on my iPhone!  It was still yummy after taking away all the good stuff!! I haven't weighed myself yet, I think I might give it another week or two before I get on the scale.

Happy Running and Training!

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