Thursday, June 17, 2010

Words of Wisdom from Dad

In honor of Father's day I impart upon you the wise words of my father.

"Did you have fun?" My dad would always say after a swimming a race, after dancing in a recital or just trying something new. I would always say an emphatic "YES!!!" Even today after I tell him about a race he will always ask if I had fun. His number one concern during all of those long swim meets and rehearsals and performances was that I was having fun! It wasn't whether I won or lost or just did OK, he wanted to make sure I still was enjoying all of those activities and if I wasn't maybe it was time to try something new or just take a break for awhile.

I still live by these words today. Why would I do something over and over again if I didn't have fun? Sometimes in the moment a workout or a race isn't fun (my first marathon wasn't fun) but usually afterwards I say "wow that wasn't so bad, I should do that again!"

Again, in honor of father's day ask yourself after a workout or a race if you had fun. If not time to reevaluate your workout or goals!

Thanks Dad and Happy Father's Day!

Happy Training!

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