Friday, November 6, 2009

Marathon Swimming

Yesterday I was watching the Art of the Athlete and they were featuring Diana Nyad, Marathon Swimmer. She is amazing! She swam from the Caribbean Islands to Florida, which is something like 103 miles! That is a TRUE marathon swim.

For a swim to be considered a marathon swim it has to be over 15 miles, you cannot have contact with a boat and you can't wear a wetsuit. My husband asked if I would ever do something like that. I immediately shook my head no, but part of me is considering trying something like that at some point in my life. I have even (very briefly) considered the Manhattan Island Marathon swim (around Manhattan Island). Maybe after this running marathon I will have to think about what to do next!

Nothing like starting PT 3 weeks before your first marathon! My hip has been killing me, I hope I can get this worked out before the race. My mom and I completed our last long run and I was in some pain despite having bettered our long run time by 12 minutes!

My husband also asked me if I ever thought I would ever be running a marathon. I again sad no! A few years ago I would curse the ground I ran on. I could barely run 10 feet without huffing and puffing and hating every minute of it. It's been a long running road, but here we are running our first marathon!

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