Friday, November 27, 2009

Seattle Marathon Health and Fitness Expo

My mom and I headed to the Seattle Marathon packet pick-up and Health and Fitness expo this morning. We were really early which meant that we were about 15th in line to pick up our bibs and chips and head over to the expo to pick up our swag quickly without many people around.
For some reason I was hoping the the expo was going to be great. You know, we are running 26.2 miles so the expo has got to bigger and better than any other expo right? Wrong. Same old thing you always see, nothing too impressive. We got our free samples and looked at all the cool gear that of course I wanted but didn't get.

I did buy mom and I the obligatory "26.2" sticker to put on our cars after we finish the race. I know it's kind of cheesy, but it's well deserved!

I found some super cute shirts with great quotes on them. I really wanted to buy one, but I really don't need another t-shirt I probably won't wear very much. So, a picture will do just fine!

I liked this marathon quote the best! My mom and I had to get a picture together with this one!

I told my husband that he has to make signs for us. He didn't seem enthused about taking on this project. So we went ahead and made some for him! Aren't we nice?

I'm excited for the race on Sunday and can't wait to be finished! It's been a long process to get here, but I know we can do this for sure! Marathons are fun... or so I've heard!!
Happy Running!


  1. Ok, my patience is gone...I'm ready for a race report! ;-)

    Great job to both of you!!!

  2. you look so adorable! I can't wait for your race report! :D

  3. Looks awesome, and ditto the other gals, I am excited to hear how you did!


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