Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tempo run blues!

So yesterday I tried a 3 mile tempo run. I've never really done one before and I am trying to do all I can do go faster than my mom at our marathon. Sorry mom, I'm 32 and your are going to be 59, so I need to go faster!

Anyway, it was a bit hot yesterday and I decided to go on my run in the late afternoon. I didn't bring any water, because I thought it's only three miles I don't need any water! I used my heart monitor as well I wanted to keep my heart rate up at 85-90% for the entire run.

Things I learned from my first tempo run:
1. Warm-up first. I kept stopping because I felt horrible. With a short warm-up I would have been fine.
2. Bring water. It's OK to drink water when it's hot and you are only doing a three mile run!
3. I don't need to stop!

I ended up running the three miles in 26 minutes with stopping, so I know I can run it much faster without stopping. This is the fastest I have ever done this loop!

Training: 8-9 mile run this afternoon. abs class and Zumba class this evening!

Happy Running!

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  1. I hate it when I miscalculate my need for water too. I love tempo runs! That is quite the workout you have planned. You are a workout machine, I feel like a slacker.



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