Sunday, September 13, 2009

Half marathon with my besty!

I convinced my best friend to sign up for a half marathon that takes place in October. She has never done any kind of running/walking race in her life! I think it's so awesome that she is doing a half for her first race! She will be walking, I will be running and our other friend will be doing a combination.

It's been difficult to try to get her to come out and start walking with me. But today she came out for a walk around Greenlake! We ended up walking real slow but I enjoyed our conversation. She asked how long it took us for 2.8 miles, and it was 53 minutes. And she said, "Holy **%&&! It's going to take me 5 hours to do this race!!!" I told her next time we need to walk a little faster and go a little longer! I think she will be more than fine and maybe I can convince her to become a runner!! We'll see about that one!! Of course every Greenlake adventure ends with a trip to Starbucks!!

Training: I was going to do 13 miles today but ended up walking with my friend instead. Going to move my long run for tomorrow. My poor mom is sick today, throwing up and all so she of courses is taking today off! Get well soon mom!!

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