Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2009 Shadow Run in Baghdad

From the Seattle Marathon website : (I thought this was very cool that this is going to happen on race day!)

Date/Time: Sunday, November 29, 2009 @ 6:00 AM
Local Baghdad Time (10 hours ahead of Pacific Time) Location: Victory Base, Baghdad, Iraq Start Times:
Full Marathon Run - 6:00am Half Marathon Run - 8:00am Note: There are no walking events.

The Story Behind The Race Mark Piccone and some of his fellow service members stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA wanted to run the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2009. The problem: They are currently deployed in Iraq. The solution: Bring the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon to them! MORE

Official Event Shirt $2 from the sale of each shirt will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project .
EVENT DETAILS The Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2009 Shadow Run in Baghdad will be as much like a stateside run as possible, including a pre-race pasta party and entertainment along the route! The pasta dinner will be held in the Victory Base Dining Facility for runners and volunteers and will include a special room for the runners. There will be bib and race packet pick-up and inspirational running videos during the meal. Official Race Items provided by the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon and its sponsors The Seattle Marathon Association, thanks to generous donations from Amica Insurance and its other sponsors, is providing official race items at a greatly reduced entry fee of $20 per runner. Official items include:
Finisher Certificates
Finisher Medals
Age Division Awards
Race Results posted on the SMA website
Participant Shirts
Filled Goody Bags
Volunteer Shirts and Certificates
Video from the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2008
Event Guides
Results Issues
Event Poster
Runner's Bibs
Banners to hang at Shadow Run
Space Blankets
Powdered drink concentrate provided by Gatorade
Energy gel packets provided by GU In addition, Amica Insurance will be providing special care packages for each Shadow Run participant.Event Size Shadow Run organizers are anticipating 150-200 half marathon runners and 50-100 full marathon runners. Race Organizers For more info on the Shadow Run organizers, click here. Volunteers 50+ volunteers are expected to help with the race, including firemen stationed at the base. Race Day Temperatures Average high and low on November 29th is 73/52 degrees F. After the Race Shadow Run organizers will send the Seattle Marathon Association a video of the finish, the elite athletes, etc. Because of the time difference (Baghdad time is 10 hours ahead of Seattle time), we are anticipating being able to show the video and post race results on Race Day in Seattle.
The course will be a 13.1 mile loop around Victory Base and Camp Liberty and will include Lost Lake, the Al Faw Palace and the palace where Saddam was held by U.S. forces after being captured. On the course we will have our unit band providing live entertainment (including a bag piper) at 4 different points including the start/finish line. Volunteers will provide traffic control and water stations.
Show your support of the troops with your purchase of an official event shirt. $2 of the proceeds from each shirt will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit organization that honors and empowers injured service men and women through its direct programs and services. For more information, click here.
Course Highlights: Victory Base and the Al Faw Palace

Someone wanted a swim workout, so here it is:
From USMS Swimmer Magazine, September/October Vol. 5, No. 5

500 Free breathe every 3/5 by 5, long push-offs on each turn
200 kick- no board streamline (50 on your side/50 on your back, repeat)
100 drill of choice

IM Set
1x300 IM
4x50 fly 1:05 swim strong with relaxed face
1x200 IM
4x50 back 1:05
1x100 IM

Freestyle Set
4x (3 x100 Free) swim each round at the same pace- no breaks. Keep focus on the black line and relax your back and shoulders. The challenge is, as the interval decreases , to maintain the pace without starting too slow.

Round 1: 1:40
Round 2: 1:35
Round 3: 1:30
Round 4: 1:25

Easy 100 Free

Hypoxic Set
12 Doughboy 25s-no breath- with 20 seconds rest. Breath control with relaxation. (The Yogis say fall down seven times, get up 8, so if you need to take a breath just start again)

4x50s easy, then the hot tub!!!

I haven't had a chance to do this yet, but will be the workout I do next when I hit the pool. I've been running too much to have a chance to swim!

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  1. Thanks for posting the swim workout...looks hard but fun!

    Good job on your long runs lately, you sound like you are doing great at the marathon prep.


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