Monday, September 14, 2009

The Spirit of the Marathon and Heart Rate Training!

My husband bought me a new heart rate monitor and how cool and simple are they to use!!! I ran 15 miles yesterday and it calculated my average heart rate, my percentage of my maximum heart rate and even calories burned. Oh how I love this little piece of technology.

I read a great article on the Runner's World website that gives some breakdowns of what percentage to be training at for a particular distance. I tried this on my run last night and I was AMAZED at how great I felt and how long I could go! I think I am officially ditching the Jeff Galloway method. Sorry Jeffy!! I just can't do it anymore. Here is the link to the article.,7120,s6-238-267--1039-0,00.html

I also watched a fantastic movie that was recommended by a poster on a Health and Fitness message board that I love! The Spirit of the Marathon. You can find it on
I was so inspired by this documentary. It features every day runners attempting their first marathon, to runners who have participated in multiple races and elite runners trying to win the Chicago marathon! I loved it, maybe that's why I was so motivated to run 15 miles yesterday. I think ANYONE can do a marathon, just watch this movie and you to will want to run, no matter how fast or how slow!

Happy running!


  1. Hi -

    Came across your blog while monitoring for the Chicago Marathon. Just wanted to give you a headsup on a cool digital campaign for this year's race. Go to:
    to check it out. Bank of America is donating $1 to charity for each footprint created - so far there are already 2,800.

    Also, you can become a fan of the Chicago Marathon at

    Call me if you have any questions and good luck!


  2. I didnt know it was on hulu! I need to check it out, I have been wanting to see it for awhile.

  3. My husband got me this movie for my birthday. I LOVED it! Plus we are running Chicago this year which makes it so fun to watch.



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