Monday, September 21, 2009

No real training plan anymore...

Both my mom and I love to start things and then never finish them! We started out this whole marathon thing thinking we could follow the Jeff Galloway training program. We started out strong for a few weeks and even tracked the progress of each run. Well, that was very short lived.

I know when I do tris I don't really follow a set training plan, I look at a few plans and get an idea of what I need to do and then do my own thing. The same holds true for this marathon. I know one thing that is certain; it's that I have never done so much running in my life!!! That must mean I am going to get a rockin' time at this marathon and beat my mom right?? Because I am actually ahead of her right now in terms of longest runs. However, she is still faster than me!! She better watch out though I am what they call an "Outside smoker" the swimming world!

Yesterday I did a 17 mile run sans Team Whimsy running partner. It's been hard for us to get together every weekend as you know that thing called life and making money can get in the way of the things we would rather be doing! It was a tough run yesterday, it took about 3 miles for me to feel good and then at mile 4 I tripped and fell. My mom isn't surprised as I am very klutzy!! I got up, dusted myself off and continued running. I felt really good once I got going again. I brought along 2 Hammer Gels with me and I really noticed a difference in how my body held up during the run. The last two miles were really tough, but I finished!

When I got home I downed a 12 oz. Endurox R4 drink to aid in recovery. It didn't taste great but I did notice some difference this morning in how I felt when I woke up. I went to Zumba tonight and plan on doing some sort of speed work tomorrow, maybe a tempo run or intervals. I'll see how I feel!!

Happy Running!

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