Monday, July 12, 2010

Triathlon #1 Complete!

Yesterday was my first triathlon of the season. I'm jealous of all you triathletes who live in warm climates and are able to race sooner! Looks like next year I'll have to do Lavaman in Hawaii in March!
Anyway, yesterdays race was really fun! I woke up at 4:30 left the house by 5:30 and made it to set up my bike and transition gear and was down by the lake before transition closed at 6:45. Did I mention it was incredibly foggy? Thankfully we have had some hot days this past week and the water was a warm 71 degrees, the fog must have kept in the warmth!

The swim was not very good :( It was foggy and I already race without prescription goggles so it was very difficult to see the buoys and other people in front of me. I have done this race two times before and was able to swim it in a little over 12 minutes. This time I did it in a little over 14 minutes. I was so disoriented by the time I got out I almost tipped over. Thankfully they had a guard rail set up or I would have fallen back into the lake. It was kind of funny :)

The bike: I was really surprised that I didn't do the bike very fast :( but I felt VERY good. I can't figure it out. I guess I just have to try harder next time! I finished 12 hilly miles in 48 minutes.

The run: Was really hilly and we had to do the course two times. I ran four miles in 41 minutes. Not impressed with my time at all. But I was passing people on the hills, which NEVER happens! I guess hill training helps!!

I was 6th in my age group and 35th overall! I am happy with the results, but just thought I would do much better! Onto bigger and better things next weekend!


  1. I love reading your blog. Ever since I started running and joining family members on local runs, we've started new traditions, swapped feedback, and have grown so much closer. Your blog reminds me every day why I enjoy this sport so much!

    Congrats on finishing the triathlon. What a wonderful feat!

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  3. congrats on your first tri of the season. I have my first event ever two weekends away. reading other's race reports is helping me prepare. thanks for the post.

  4. Woohoo! Congrats on completing your first tri! I know you seemed a little disappointed in how you did, but you did awesome! Yay!

  5. Great job! Very good pictures too. Way to finish with a smile. That's a good presage for next weekend.


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