Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Garden

Our garden is out of control!! Too bad it hasn't produced anything to eat yet. But it does look amazing. We are growing corn; some from seed and some from starters. The starters are doing much better, they are starting to produce some edible goodies, but nothing close to being ready to pick. We are also growing tomatoes, again nothing to eat yet. There are some squash growing and they could be ready to eat soon! And last but not least, pumpkins. We are hoping for a great pumpkin harvest this fall. So far there are flowers and fruit growing, albeit small.

My husband made the raised beds and together we planted everything. We tilled the soil, put down compost and planted. We also added some grass to the top of the soil. All seems to be good. We go down every day to check out the progress.


  1. Impressive! Puts my patio garden to shame. You selected a good variety of plants.

  2. Very nice! I wish I could have a nice garden like that, but I have far too much shade in my yard (not to mention a lack of green thumb)

  3. Nice garden! I have had little yeild from anything but cucumbers this year (they have been nuts). Can't wait to put in two more raised meds next month.


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