Saturday, August 15, 2009

Really? We are racing in two weeks??

I'm back from Omaha and met my mom today for a run. We ran around Greenlake, but this time we did the outer circle, which we found out was a little longer than the inner. We did 7.5 miles today and I did my very best to not complain! My mom even said I did really good without much running the past few weeks! That was a confidence booster for sure.

As we were running we started talking about our races and then it hit me that not only would we be running our first in a series of two half marathons in two weeks but it also means that I will be doing my second Olympic distance triathlon next weekend!! How did that sneak up on me so fast??? Some how I thought I had a little bit longer before our races.
We then finished up our run with a visit to Starbucks, which is always my favorite thing about running with my mom!!


  1. Nothing beats Starbucks espeically after a run. Good luck with all of your races!



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