Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Tri of the season: Done!

This past weekend I met up with a friend from high school swimming and her friends for an Olympic distance triathlon! It was great fun to meet new people who are into working out and doing triathlons! Camping was spectacular and the race was less than spectacular.

The race was super small, 75 racers in all! The swim was the worst open water swim ever. The Columbia river is freakin' cold! I almost didn't make it to the bike portion I was so cold! It's time to invest in a wetsuit! The bike was OK, except that it was on a highway in which cars were traveling upwards of 60 miles per hour! A little too scary for me. No bike support on the course either. The run was boring, two loops around a park. We all decided we were not going to be going to this race next year. I didn't improve my time, but I didn't do any worse either. The one good thing about the race is that my race pictures didn't turn out all that bad. I am considering ordering one!

Training: I am going swimming tonight as this will be one of the last times the outdoor pool will be open. I must run tomorrow for sure!!

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