Monday, August 17, 2009

8.65 Miles with Mom and my HUSBAND!!!

My mom drove out to our house this morning and we all went on a nice 8.65 mile jaunt down at Alki beach! It was beautiful! My husband rocked it because he usually doesn't run as much, or really not at all and he did 7 miles! We picked him up in the car when we finished, much to his happiness!
Then we all went to Starbucks (of course) for a nice cup of coffee and good conversation! Did I mention in any of my previous posts, this is really the only thing that keeps me running?
Training: I have ran a total of 15 miles since Saturday (I don't usually even run this much during the entire week, I'm a running slacker!), I feel great, but a little sore! Tonight I am going to my beloved Zumba class and new routine awaits me!
Next Sunday is my second Olympic distance triathlon. I am excited because I am going on my own and meeting some people I don't really know... well one I knew in high school as we swam together and we will all be camping together. There will be 4 of us doing the triathlon. It should be fun and quite the adventure! All of these plans put together through the social experiment known as Facebook!

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