Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 Year Anniversary!

August 4th will be our 2nd anniversary. We just got back into town after a brief visit to the coast! The plan was to stay until Wednesday our actual anniversary. We couldn't believe how awful the weather was; cold, rainy, windy, foggy. Just plain gross! I even brought my bike and running gear to keep training while we were away. The small town we stayed in died at about 8:30 when everything closed and there was nothing to do, it was so boring.

We left yesterday afternoon and returned this morning at about 11:30. I forgot to mention the house we were staying in. My husband's co-worker let us use his beach house which was very nice of him and his family. We walked into the house and we were immediately transported to 1971. The carpet I am sure has not been cleaned or changed since the 70's, it was gross! It was musty, damp, cold and smelly. My husband suggested that we leave at around 9pm last night. We decided to see if the weather would improve in the morning and maybe we could hang out on the beach. No such luck! :( We left at 8:15 am and we were so glad we did, because back here in Seattle it's a hot 90 degrees!!!

I did receive a very nice gift from my husband a beautiful frame with pictures of me at my last triathlon! What a fabulous gift!

Training: I signed myself up for another Olympic distance triathlon. I am super excited as this race apparently has the best swag in the state! And the race description promises the fastest swim in the state as well. The swim will be located going downstream on the Columbia River!

I have fallen behind in my running. I haven't been on a run since my last triathlon. I've been able to get on my bike and swim but no running. The weather here has been really hot; 103 the other day and I am not a morning runner so no outdoor running in a long while. Mom and I will be running together tomorrow. We both have a half marathon at the beginning of September and I need to run or I will get another serious ass kicking by my mother!

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