Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Omaha, Somewhere in Middle America

My husband and I are leaving on Thursday for a trip to visit his family. We start off this amazing mid-western adventure flying into Chicago. Oh, how I wish I could stick around and check out the city. I've only ever been to the airport. Then we hop on another plane to Peoria, Illinois and from there to a tiny town called Galesburg. Thankfully, my husband's grandparents live in a neighborhood with a nice pool where there are lap lanes always open. Because there is nothing else to do in this town, we will be spending much of our time at the pool.

After our stay in Illinois it's going to be a lovely 5 hour drive to Omaha. We will see LOTS of corn on our way to O-Town, it's so exciting! Since it's so hot there I probably won't be running outside at all, but thankfully the downtown Y is very nice and if you are a member of a Y anywhere else you get a few complimentary visits. So, again needless to say I'll be there probably every day.

I was really hoping there would have been a race for me to do. There is a triathlon in Omaha but it will be during the weekend we will be in Illinois. Plus what a pain to send my bike there for a sprint tri. So, no racing for me, just lots of swimming and hanging out by a pool!

Next year I vote for a family trip to somewhere with access to an ocean. Perhaps, Hawaii, or maybe even Australia.

Just to put it out there, does anyone know of a tri team in Omaha that does any open water swimming anywhere? Not even sure where they would do it, but thought I would ask!


  1. Oh man, I know Galesburg so well. Actually, I grew up in Peoria too!

  2. gotta love the pool option! i lloooove exercising when there is nothing else to do... i always use it for an excuse when i visit family in po-dunk oklahoma... the most boring state ever!

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