Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ironman Canada! Here I come!

No, not to race but to spectate! I am really excited! My cousin who is an amazing athlete will be participating in hopes of qualifying for Kona...again! She just aged up to the 50-54 age groupers and will have to come in either first or second in her age group and I'm sure she will do it! She has been doing triathlons since before they became so mainstream. She really is my HERO!!

Part of me wants to take the plunge and just sign up when they open up registration. But right now I just can't fathom the cost to sign up for such torture! I think the registration fee for an M-Dot race is at least $500! Not to mention the time spent training. I think I'll give myself another year with Half-irons and some Olympic distances and then I'll try it. But there is still that itch to just say "F" it and sign up! Gahhhh! My husband would kill me! Did I mention that we just bought a car too?

I'll report back with a spectator's P.O.V. after the race!

Happy Training!

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