Thursday, May 27, 2010

T-30 Swim

Yesterday was a crappy weather day; rain, fog and cold. I am a fair-weather bike rider for sure, so no bike ride for me. I wanted to get in a very long bike ride, but not in that kind of weather. So I decided to hit the pool. My pool workouts have been very sparse as my running and biking need more of my attention than swimming.

I decided I wanted to see what my 100 yard pace was for a long timed swim and a great way to do that was to swim constantly for 30 minutes. I was a little worried that someone would join me in my lane and screw up my time and make me slow down, the pool at the Y is like that when you swim in the afternoon. But I was blessed with my own lane for my entire workout.

I started with a very easy warm-up , 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull, 200 kick. After the warm-up I started my swim. I started cautiously because I wanted to make sure I could do this without stopping. I was able to pick up my pace the last part of the swim because I felt great! I finished strong with 200o yards which is a 1:30 per 100 yard pace. I was pretty happy with that pace given I am not at the pool very often. This set is able to tell me what my pace should be when I do interval workouts and long swims. There is definitely room for improvement but it's OK if I continue not to swim as much as I thought I would need to.

Today, I was able to finally go on a short ride 19 mile ride and I ended with a 15 minute run. First brick workout in a long time, I actually felt fine, I probably could have kept running! That's a good sign I guess!

Happy Training!

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  1. Hey ... I know I have NEVER posted before, but I found your blog because of stalking on The Nest.

    I love that you're into swimming, because I myself was a collegiate swimmer and I am now a college swim coach (well, an assistant, but whatev).

    Congrats on the T-30! I have scary memories of that from my freshman and sophomore years of college (I was a sprinter - 30 minutes in a row of swimming - come on!) when our coaches used that to determine our threshold. Mine was always WAY off.

    Another suggestion ... if you're ever bored (and maybe you've even done this before) ... 10x100 Free with :10 rest. We use this constantly to "test set" our kids ... free, stroke, kick, pull, whatever. When I did it as a swimmer it gave me a much better idea of my threshold and how to set up my intervals.

    Just a thought. I really hope I'm not imposing! I just get so excited when I read/see someone that actually knows swimming.

    Good luck with your training! If I could actually ride a bike, I might attempt a tri. But, not just yet!


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