Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Team Whimsy Races Again!

I am so excited! My mom and I are signing up for the Resolution Run 5k on January 1st! We will be running as a team, so our times combined will decide our standings. Last time we ran as a team we placed third!! There is an option at the end of the race to do a polar bear dip in Lake Washington, I am all for it, but my mom will not be doing it. I think as a team you have to decide if you both are doing it or not. So I probably won't be dipping!

I have been doing some very short runs during the week on the treadmill. A little boring since I can't find my ipod shuffle at all. Hopefully Santa will bring me a new one!


  1. That polar bear dip sounds awesome...bummer you're missing out! We're thinking of doing one here on New Years, but the Central Coast of CA is WAY less polar bear-like than Washington!


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