Thursday, December 31, 2009

Race Goals for 2010

Taking after my fellow bloggers I am going to list my goals for 2010. They are as follows:

1. Run in at least two more marathons, I would be happy with one as I have found it's pretty tough on my body. I want to run in 4:30 or faster.

2. PR in a 5k. I can't believe how long it's been since I have PRd in a 5k. I am embarrassed to admit that my best time is only 28 minutes... yeah, I'm slow!

3. PR in a half marathon. I think the 1/2 is the best race distance. I need to go faster than a 2:13. So far the last three 1/2s I have done have all gotten slower. Here is to a fast 2010 for my half marathon.

4. Sign up for and finish my first half ironman. I just got a new bike trainer and I am hoping that will keep me in bike shape until I can get outside.

5. Swim a sub 6 minute 500 free at a masters meet! I haven't done this since high school. I think I can do it for sure. My first meet in 2010 is in April.

That's all for now! Maybe I'll add some the faster I get!!! Here's to a healthy, fast and fit new year!! Congrats to all of you who have stuck through your training and made some awesome accomplishments in 2009!!

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