Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nothing Like New Race Clothes!!!

New Clothes:
I bought some new shorts and a new top today for my triathlon on Saturday. I have a one piece tri suit, but it drives me up the wall and it's too big. Some of the employees at the tri store I went to were trying to convince me that I needed a once piece suit because I won't be wearing a wetsuit. Well, they couldn't convince me until this superstar pregnant woman who works at the store told me that of course you can wear a two piece without a wetsuit. I finally found what I wanted and walked away happy and of course cute! I have never tried Zoot brand but it is incredibly comfy and I hope I like it for race day because there's not much more time to try them out.

Swimming with an Ironman

The other day I went swimming with my cousin who is a multiple Ironman Hawaii triathlete. She is AMAZING! I suggested that we go for a masters workout at my favorite pool (pic below). She said she was super slow and would not belong in any of the lanes. This did not happen! We were able to do the whole workout together. She said she made it a point to wear a triathlon swim cap so people would know she's not a good swimmer! Whatever!!! She told me she LOVED the pool and of course the workout!

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  1. New race clothes always make me more motivated! :)


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