Sunday, July 5, 2009

ChelanMan Olympic Distance tri looming in the near future!

My first Olympic distance triathlon is scheduled for July 18th and I am slowly getting more and more nervous for this event. The training I have been doing is far from spectacular, but I know I will be able to finish for sure. This being my first Oly my only goal is to finish. I think there is a mass swim start too which makes me incredibly nervous and I will not be wearing a wetsuit in the very cold glacier fed lake. My very first open water swim was a mass start and I almost swam back to shore is was so intense. Once the chaos is over at the start it should be fine. I am excited for the bike portion as it will be nice and flat. By the time I get to the run I am expecting it to be very hot (much hotter than I am used to). I can't wait to cross the finish line!

My mom and I also decided to sign up for a half marathon in September. I have a full race calendar the next few months:
  • 5k next weekend
  • Oly tri July 18
  • Possible open water mile swim in August
  • Possible sprint distance tri in August
  • Half marathon in September
  • Half marathon in October
  • Marathon end of November
Training: 45 minute run on July 4th!
1 hour swim today!

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  1. Wow, that is a packed schedule!
    I cant wait to hear about the Tri! You are going to do awesome.


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