Friday, June 26, 2009

Girlfriends Half Marathon

This is a picture of mom and I at our first half marathon: The Girlfriends Half Marathon in Vancouver, WA. This was a great event and women only, a fun and supporting atmosphere. 

Guess what? My mom totally kicked my you know what in this race too! The plan was to stay together and we did until mile 9 and I could no longer hold the pace anymore and told my mom to go ahead, which she gladly did. I didn't finish too far behind, but I was excited that we both finished our first halfs! 

I will be doing this race again in October with my best friend who will be walking the race. My mom was supposed to sign up and when she did it was already filled up. It should be a fun girls weekend and a chance to PR!

The marathon training plan for this weekend is as follows:
Friday: Rest (no running), I will be biking today with the hubs. 

Saturday: Bike and swim for me. We were going to do a five miler but the Rock N Roll half and full marathon is taking place in Seattle and  many roads are closed, which makes it difficult to meet somewhere to run. 

Sunday: Five miles at Greenlake. One of our favorite places to run. It's a nice 3 mile loop around a lake and we ALWAYS go to coffee afterwards. That is one thing that keeps me motivated to keep running... coffee and a snack!


  1. Yeah! Go Alison and Karen. Alison, Gavin and I are run/walking every day this summer so give a call/fb if you want to join us!!

  2. I always think about what I am going to eat, while I run, it definitely motivates me, too.


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