Sunday, June 28, 2009


So my mom is really funny! Boston is OUR goal? I think my mom could totally qualify for this in her age group. The qualifying time for 55-59 year old females is four hours, fifteen minutes (9:43 mile pace). She could probably do that in her sleep!

The qualifying time for my age group 30-34 is three hours, forty minutes, (8:23 mile pace). I have never ran that fast in my life, let alone for 26.2 miles! That is soooo speedy!

I'll keep it as a goal though, I have to visualize my finish time and running fast without complaining! I think it would be fantastic if we both could qualify, but we'll see.

Training today: 6 mile run and a coffee stop!


  1. Whoa. Your mom kicks major butt if she can qualify for Boston. I dont think I ever could.

  2. I'd like to say I would have Boston in my goal, but qualifying for Boston and running my first marathon? I don't see that happening for me. Good luck!


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