Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Very Long Week

This week has been an incredibly long week. My grandmother unexpectedly passed away last Monday. My husband and I drove up to be with our family and to help out with my grandfather a short time after we lost her. I worry about him the most. He has been married to my grandma for over 65 years! I couldn't even begin to imagine what he feels like right now. I have never seen my grandpa cry until last Monday, that made me so sad.  We are having the memorial for her today  are expecting quite a few family members and family friends to join us this afternnon. It's probably going to be one of those bittersweet moments, where you are sad but enjoy seeing so many people you haven't seen in a long time. I love you grandma!

During all of this craziness my husband and I were able to take some time out to ourselves and we were able to pick up my bike from the shop. They had to do a few adjustments and that is what I was waiting for. I was only able to get on it one time. It was the longest hour of my life. I didn't have a workout planned, no intervals, no hills, I just pedaled and watched the Olympics. I really, really love the bike and can't wait to take it outside of my basement to actually ride it for real!!

My goal this past week was to start training for my half-Ironman that I plan on signing up for. That didn't happen. Once everything settles down after today that is my new goal! The training plan that I have picked out seems really doable and actually looks like fun. We'll see!!

Happy running and training!

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Your family will be in my thoughts.


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