Monday, February 8, 2010

I found my ipod!

My iPod has been missing since the beginning of my marathon training. I looked high and low and still couldn't find it. I went swimming the other day and opened up a pocket in my bag and "POOF" there was my missing iPod. I swear I looked in that pocket a million times and it wasn't there before. Go figure!

My workouts lately have been very sparse compared to when I was training for my marathon. It's been nice to just relax a little and not worry about an upcoming race. I have decided I am going to do my first Half Ironman this summer and need to get back on the wagon. I looked at some training plans and realized that I need to get started soon. I can't seem to find a plan that seems really good for someone who mainly trains on their own. I emailed my cousin who is an Uber triathlete to see if she can give me some good advice. The good thing about starting now is that I can get a good base built up so I can be ready to train hard. That's the plan at least ;)

Recently, I downloaded two great workouts from for my indoor bike trainer. It's been hard just hopping on the bike and making things up as I go as far as intervals etc. These workouts can be pricey but if you are looking for some motivation on the treadmill, elliptical, or bike these are really WONDERFUL workouts. I ended up spending $20 for two workouts but I can always use them in the future and I don't have to use them all the time, just when I need a little push when I am down in my basement trying to get a workout in.

Workouts planned for this week (I just need to stick with them!)
1. Monday: Zumba and 30 minute spin class
2. Tuesday: if not called to sub, swim and run
3. Wednesday: I usually take off but if I am not working,bike trainer
4. Thursday: Zumba
5. Friday: off
6. Saturday: swim and run

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