Monday, April 5, 2010

The Goal Today Was...

To swim and then run down to the track and do some sprints. I only swam. Oh well, I was really, really hungry and didn't bring any food with me. So I went home and had some lunch! Here is my swimming workout for the day:

200 SKPS (200 each of swim, kick, pull, swim)

400 IM Drill

1. 25 fly easy, 75 free moderate, 25 fly hard
2. 25 back easy, 75 free moderate, 25 back hard
3. 25 breast easy, 75 moderate, 25 breast hard
4. 25 free easy, 75 free moderate, 25 free hard

400 easy free
4x100s choice hard
300 easy free
4x75s choice hard
200 easy free
4x50s choice hard
100 easy free
4x25s choice hard

4x25s underwater no breath 25s (with fins)

200 easy warmdown

I almost didn't want to get out of the water today, but lap swimming time was over :(
Teaching Zumba tonight as a sub! I always get nervous, even though I know the routine backwards and forwards!

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