Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Races, New Team, Lots of Fun

I have been a busy, busy teacher the past few months. It's been a whirlwind of working 12 hour days and having very little time to myself. I feel like I'm getting better at making sure I am not working 12 hour days and going home at a decent time. I'm not working out as much as I would like but at this point it's better than nothing.

For Christmas my husband bought me a membership to a local triathlon team. Our first clinic/meeting is today and it's for swimming. I really wish it was for running or biking, those two events could use a bit more TLC on my part!

My mom and I are running our 2nd race of 2011 at the end of March. It's a half marathon and I would really, really, really enjoy a half PR once and for all. The only PR I keep getting in that distance is each race gets slower! Now that is not something to be proud of!

We also signed up for our second marathon, the RnR Seattle. We had planned on doing the Seattle marathon this past November but both of us being back in school proved too much for adequate marathon training. So, we jumped down to the half. It was a bit difficult to finish as I was only running once a week. I don't recommend it!

This summer I plan on two 70.3s and a few sprint tris in the mix. I haven't signed up for anything yet, but probably will in the next month or so.

Happy training and racing!

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  1. Looks like you have a great 2011 mapped out!


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